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Q: What is Drop Shipping with LXM Wholesale?

A: Dropshipping with SyncLogic allows LXM Wholesale inventory to be offered in real time on your website without ever purchasing or handling the product. The option is only available for users on Shopify stores.  As your customers order, the integrated SyncLogic software collects payment from your customer at the retail price specified by you. Once the order is processed on your site, the connection triggers an invoice to be immediately to be sent to you at the wholesale price plus the shipping charges. Once paid, the product can quickly process and fulfill shipment directly to your customer.The 


Q: What are the advantages or Drop Shipping?

A: You can sell product without ever owning and/or handling it, saving time and money. The customer receives their order faster. You never have to restock. You have full access to our unlimited inventory that is ready to ship in less than 2 business days.

Dropship Information, Terms and Conditions

Drop Shop Using Synclogic:
LXM Wholesale is happy to offer Synclogic for Shopify users! Once your customer places an order on your site the draft order will be created with us. We will then send you an invoice with Wholesale Pricing and Appropriate Shipping fees. If you do not receive an invoice within 2 hours please contact us.
Please be advised- if you pay using paypal it sometimes reverts back to your shipping address and you will need to input your customers.


***Items will be held for 2 hours after we send an invoice so if the item is the last one of its kind it won’t get purchased. Once that reserve expires, however, it will be available to the next customer.***

Synclogic Code: 
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Drop Ship Terms and Conditions: 
  • You may only put ONE customer per order. If you need multiple products shipped to multiple customers you must place orders separately.
  • When checking out, the shipping address MUST be your customer's address. We cannot go back in and change addresses once the order has been placed. So please check and DOUBLE check the customer's address before you submit your order. We do not accept responsibility for addresses and/or customer information that is incorrect.
  • Orders will be packed in polymailers or corrugated boxes and shipped retail ready. We won't include wholesale pricing information in your customers package. 
  • If there are any issues with an order-damage, etc...we must me notified within 48 hours of delivery. If we are not notified within 48 hours we will not be able to replace or assist with issues.
  • If your customer wants to return a for any reason this will be the individual retailers responsibility. We do NOT accept returns on drop shipped items. Each retailer is responsible to deal with returns and exchanges with their own customer.
  • We will ship all drop ship orders within 1-3 business days.  If a product is for any reason out of stock we will notify you within 24 hours so you can notify your customer right away, or we can offer the closest replacement..
Please contact support at info@lxmwholesale.com with any questions or concerns.